Ford Wheelchair Van Buying Options & Tips


If you’re interested in driving a Ford Freestar wheelchair minivan, you have no choice but to buy a used vehicle. Ford discontinued the line a few years ago. Even if you’re interested in a full-sized Ford E-Series van, you’ll want to consider the bargains you can secure when buying used.

Where can you find a used Ford wheelchair van?

Let’s examine a few options.


First, you can check for used Econoline wheelchair vans and Freestars in your local paper’s classified ads. Private sellers may be offering great values on used Fords. If you don’t see the vehicle you need in the paper, you can find private sellers on the Internet, as well. Mobility Van Sales and eBay are just two of the many sites where people try to sell their used wheelchair vans and handicap minivans.

Mobility Dealership

Second, you can visit a mobility vehicle dealership. Your local Ford dealer may have a number of appropriate Econolines and Freestars on the lot for you to consider. The used vehicles that end up on dealership lots are usually high-grade trade-ins, giving you a chance to get a good, late model Ford wheelchair van for much less than what you’d pay new.

Used Car Dealership

Third, you can visit used car dealerships. Used car salesmen have a bad reputation, but that stereotype is quickly dispelled when you walk onto the lot of a quality used vehicle vendor. You’ll want to do your research in order to find the most reputable sellers. When you do, you may find the Ford wheelchair van you want is available for you at a surprisingly low price.

Wheelchair Van Conversion Specilaist

Fourth, you can talk with local wheelchair van conversion companies and equipment dealers. Some of these companies will actually sell used vehicles themselves. Others will be a good source of referrals and information. No one knows more about Ford wheelchair vans than the people who make them, so this is a natural choice for those looking for a used vehicle.


Fifth, you can go to an auto auction. In many cases, these wholesaler auctions are open to the public and they provide an opportunity to secure solid vehicles for a fraction of what you might otherwise pay. However, all cars are sold as is and you’ll need to write a check when you leave the auction to pay for your purchase. The vehicles usually aren’t pre-screened for quality, so you need to really know your stuff in order for this to be a credible option.

Buying from a NMEDA mobility dealer will give you greater levels of protection than will buying from a private seller. You’ll usually get some kind of warranty and your state’s laws will protect you against predatory or unfair business practices. However, you will pay for that protection with higher prices.

Individual sales of Ford wheelchair vans may offer the best prices, but they do require the buyer to carefully inspect any vehicle under consideration and to practice good overall due diligence.

Auctions are the best place to find a used vehicle at the lowest possible price, but even the best auction buyers sometimes times find themselves holding onto low-quality, mechanically unsound vans. It’s not a place for the inexperienced to find a used van.

You can save a great deal on a Freestar of Econoline by purchasing a used car. Fortunately, there are number of ways to find the right used Ford wheelchair van for you.

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