How Best to Pay for Ford Wheelchair Vans


You’ve found the right Ford to serve as your wheelchair van. Now, it’s time to pay. Paying for a Ford wheelchair van can be a tricky proposition for some people. Here are a few pointers that may make the process easier.

Buying From A Ford Mobility Dealer

If you’re buying the vehicle from a Ford dealer, there are at least three things you’ll want to keep in mind.

  1. First, you’ll want to try to make a deal during the last two weeks of the year or during the months of July, August, September or October. That’s when you can get the best possible prices.
  2. Second, you should remember that you don’t need to pay more for a vehicle that you requested the dealership to order from the factory. Don’t allow yourself to be hit with additional fees for this service.
  3. Third, do a good job researching the situation. When you understand the overall market and know what other dealers are offering, it decreases the risk of paying too much. It also gives you some leverage when negotiating the best deal.

Buying Privately & Paying Safely

If you’ll be paying an individual for a used Ford wheelchair van, there are three things you can do to make the process more convenient and safe.

  1. First, don’t show up to an individual seller’s residence with a stack of cash to make the purchase. There’s too much risk in carrying that kind of money and you don’t know the seller or whether they can be trusted.
  2. Second, don’t plan to be able to write a seller a personal check, either. Most sellers are reluctant to accept a check from a stranger. Just like you, they want to be protected. Money orders or a bank cashier’s checks is a much better option.
  3. Third, don’t use Western Union or other similar money transfer programs to pay for the vehicle. That’s not their purpose and they’re often used by those perpetuating frauds.

Don’t Forget Mobility Equipment Costs

Paying for the vehicle is only part of the bigger picture. You may also need to pay for disability equipment and conversion. Here are a few pointers that can make that easier.

  1. First, get a physician’s prescription for the modifications. In most states, that official prescription will allow you to avoid paying sales taxes on your purchases.
  2. Second, talk to your Ford dealer (if that’s where you’re paying for the van). In many cases, they’ll be able to combine the base price of the van and the cost of any necessary conversions in to a single loan. That’s convenient and it may give you a chance for a much better interest rate on the modifications than you’d be able to get from another lender.
  3. Third, investigate any potential outside source of funding or assistance. In some cases, one’s medical or worker’s compensation insurance may pay part or all of your conversion costs. Veterans should talk to the Veteran’s Administration about special programs and other government offices may be able to provide you with funds for modifying your wheel chair van.

Paying for a great Ford wheelchair van doesn’t need to be a painful experience. Ideas like those mentioned here can help make it much easer and less expensive than it may be otherwise.

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