Ford E-Series Wheelchair Van Exterior Handicap Driving Features

Ford E-Series vans provide disabled drivers with a large, flexible handicap van solution. The E-Series, which includes the E-150, E-250 and E-350, is the most populaRead Full Article

4 Top Methods to Access Ford Wheelchair Vans

A disabled person can access a Ford wheelchair van in a variety of ways. Each has advantages and disadvantages and some are more popular than others are. Let’s revRead Full Article

Ford Windstar and Freestar Wheelchair Van Exterior Handicap Driving Features

Ford discontinued the production of the Freestar, the successor to its Windstar minivan, a few years ago. However, many remain on the roads today, serving as wheelchRead Full Article

Ford Windstar Wheelchair Vans Interior Handicap Driving Features

The Ford Windstar and Freestar were top-selling minivans until the manufacturer opted to discontinue the lines in favor of focusing on the crossover market. Many of Read Full Article

Ford Wheelchair Vans Rear Entry Access Options

The only wheelchair vans produced by Ford are E-Series full-sized vans. In past years, Ford was actively involved with minivans that were also relatively popular wheRead Full Article

Interior Handicap Driving Features for Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

Ford’s been making their E-Series vans for years and consistently finds a receptive audience. These full-sized vehicles provide a great deal of space and flexibiliRead Full Article

Ford Wheelchair Van Lift Entry Options

Ford wheelchair vans come in two basic varieties. The E-Series full-sized vans are regularly modified for use as wheelchair vehicles. Ford no longer produces minivanRead Full Article

Ford Wheelchair Vans Side Entry Access Options

Handicap drivers and vehicle owners can configure a Ford wheelchair van for either rear or side entry. The full-sized E-Series vans and previously-manufactured WindsRead Full Article

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