Find the Best Qualified Ford Mobility Wheelchair Van Dealers


Are you ready to conduct a high-powered interview worthy of 60 Minutes in its prime? You should be. You’re about to choose the wheelchair van dealer to modify your Ford wheelchair van. That means you must make the best possible decision. The only way to do that is to get the facts, so put on your best Mike Wallace-esque suit and start asking questions!

Start by drawing up a short list of potential Ford wheelchair van modification companies you may be able to use. Then, call each of them and feel them out by asking some core questions.

  • Do you have references from past customers? Who?
  • How much experience do you have?
  • Do you have any special credentials?
  • Do you work with evaluators?
  • Do you need a prescription from a doctor to do the work?
  • What is your usual time frame to complete a job like mine?

That series of queries will help separate the wheat from the chaff. You’ll quickly discover who the more reputable options are and who is running a fly by night joint. However, it won’t separate the best wheat from its lower yield counterpart. For that, you’ll need to visit the company’s facilities (if feasible) and take your questioning to the next level!

That’s right, it’s time for Round 2.

Here, you’re going to get a little more specific in securing relevant information upon which to base your final decision.

Work With Professionals

First, find out if the dealer is a member of recognized body like the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. The NMEDA forces its members to abide by very high standards and membership is a sign of quality.

Mobility Van Maintenance Considerations

Second, check on future maintenance. Ideally, you’ll do business with a dealer who can service and maintain your Ford wheelchair van long after those modifications are made.

Know About Warranties

Third, ask about any warranties or guarantees the company may offer on its work. You want to find a dealer that will stand proudly behind its work. Don’t expect infinite return policies or lifetime guarantees on everything. That’s just not realistic. You should find ready evidence of the dealer’s faith in the quality of their conversions, however.

Replacement Parts

Fourth, investigate the way they handle parts stocking. You don’t want to do business with someone who’s later unable to provide timely service because they keep every few parts on site.

Modifiers Properly Qualified

Fifth, ask about their employees’ training. Your wheelchair van will be a significant part of your life and you deserve to get the very best vehicle possible. That means that you should be able to expect the dealer to use highly qualified personal to modify your Ford wheelchair van.

By the time you’re done unearthing that information, you’ll probably have a very good sense of whether you’ve found the dealer for you. All that’s left will be checking the critical details, and you know what that means–more questions!

Get the Real Price

Go straight for the jugular. Get a price quote. You need to know how much these adaptations will cost.

Find out if the dealer will accept third party payment for their efforts.

Get a projected date of completion for your specific project.

Learn about any modifications that will need to be made to stock equipment in order to manage the conversion and if you’ll later be able to move your adaptive equipment to a new vehicle.

We could probably come up with more research assignments and questions to help you find the right mobility van dealer for your Ford wheelchair van, but the ones outlined here should help you find someone you can trust to do a good job with your Ford van.

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