Select the Right Mobility Modifications for Ford Wheelchair Vans


How can you make the right modification choices for your Windstar, Freestar or Econoline? What does it take to assemble an ideal Ford wheelchair van?

The process of customizing and adapting a van for wheelchair use is extremely individual in nature. The decisions regarding adaptations won’t follow a standard blueprint. They’ll be made based on your personal needs and preferences.

That can intimidates some wheelchair van buyers. They know they want the freedom and mobility a Ford can provide, but they worry that they’ll make poor choices (or that they’ll neglect something important) when making decisions regarding modifications.

That doesn’t need to be a concern. If you utilize professional assistance, you’ll find a way to create the ideal wheelchair van for you. You’re not in this alone. You can partner with an evaluator, your equipment dealer and the conversion company performing modifications to your Ford to get the best results.

The Disabled Driving Evaluator

evaluationA qualified professional driving evaluator will be a big help in selecting the right modifications for your van. He or she can talk with you about your planned driving patterns, needs and personal expectations for your Ford wheelchair van. With that information in mind, he or she will then examine you and your driving abilities by conducting a number of tests and assessments.

That process will include strength and range of motion testing, an evaluation of your reflexes, consideration of your stamina and an assessment of your flexibility. The evaluator will also consider your reaction time, judgment and decision making skills as they apply to driving.

That information will provide them with the data they need to create a report outlining the modifications that will best meet your personal needs. You can then discuss the report’s recommendations with the evaluator to select the modifications that will produce a perfect Ford wheelchair van.

The evaluator can be the most important third-party in the modification selection process. Find someone with appropriate credentials and experience with whom you feel comfortable.

The Mobility Equipment Dealer

ford e350 2006 mobility driving equipmentYour equipment dealer will look at the report from the evaluator and any other accompanying information. The dealer may ask you to sit for measurements to verify how tall you sit in your chair, its width, your combined weight and other information that may have an impact on the modification process.

Your dealer should also help you reach conclusions about which adaptations to make a part of your wheelchair van. The evaluator’s report will tell you what you need, but the dealer can help you decide which version of the item is in your best interest in terms of safety, operation and price point.

In many cases, your evaluator can and will be actively involved in this process, bringing both parties’ experience and knowledge together to help you make the right decisions when adapting your Ford.

The Handicap Conversion Company

conversion companyYou’ve discovered the modifications you need. You’ve made equipment decisions. Now it’s time for everything to come together. That’s the conversion company’s job and you can help them do it by sharing your vision for your Ford and communicating any information you think may be of value to them.

In some cases, the conversion company may ask you for additional information. If you can’t readily answer those questions with complete confidence, don’t hesitate to contact your evaluator or equipment dealer for assistance.

When it comes to selecting the right modfications for your Ford wheelchair van, you are not alone. You’ll be able to benefit from the experience and professional know-how of a driving evaluator, your equipment dealer and your conversion company to produce the ideal wheelchair van for you.

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