Editorial: Disappointing 2003 Ford Windstar Wheelchair Vans

The new Ford Windstar wheelchair van is a disappointment. Ford hasn’t done much more than changing the shape of the rearview mirrors for the new model year, even tRead Full Article

Expert Review: 2002 Ford Windstar Wheelchair Vans

The Ford Windstar handicap van covers all of the bases, but is destined to be a runner-up to the Dodge Caravan and Grand Caravan wheelchair vans. Ford has successfulRead Full Article

Editorial: Spacious Bouncy 2008 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

As a working full-sized van, the Ford E-150, E-250 or E-350 has its charms. It’s nearly indestructible and it offers a great deal of space. As an individual wheelcRead Full Article

2005-2012 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans Compared

Before Ford started referring to its full-sized vans as the E-Series, they bore the Econoline name. The first Econolines made their appearance in the early 1960s andRead Full Article

Road Test : 2007 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

The 2007 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Van Most E-Series vans are destined for use in commercial settings. Some do become personal vehicles and some of those are wheelchaRead Full Article

On the Road: 2002 Ford Windstar Wheelchair Vans

The 2002 Windstar wheelchair van is a classic runner-up. It’s not as good looking as its top competitor is. It doesn’t have as many options. It doesn’t performRead Full Article

Safety of Ford Windstar and Freestar Wheelchair Vans

The Ford Windstar started as a legitimate contender in its class, but was reduced to being the butt of jokes by the 2002 model year. Its revival under the Freestar nRead Full Article

Expert Review: 2012 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

The 2012 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Van Over the years, many people have converted E-Series vans for use as personal wheelchair mobility vehicles. The attraction is eaRead Full Article

Safety Considerations: Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

When people consider buying a full-sized van, they usually think in terms of cargo space, durability, towing capacity, engine strength and overall reliability. SafetRead Full Article

Expert Review: Solid & Reliable 2010 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

One doesn’t want to put much stock in rumors. However, a certain rumor that was circulating about the 2010 Ford E-Series wheelchair vans tells us a great deal abouRead Full Article

Expert Review: 2006 Ford Freestar Wheelchair Vans

The 2006 Freestar Wheelchair Van In terms of accessibility potential, the Ford Freestar is a decent option for those in need of a wheelchair van. It can be customizeRead Full Article

Road Test : 2006 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

If you’re looking for a full-sized option for your next wheelchair van, the 2006 Ford E-Series line is definitely a vehicle worthy of your consideration. For twentRead Full Article

On the Road: 2003 Ford Windstar Wheelchair Vans

Even the most diehard buy American War Veteran buyer will have a hard time waving the flag for the Ford Windstar wheelchair van. This is not a top option in the miniRead Full Article

Editorial: Lackluster 2006 Ford Freestar Wheelchair Vans

This is what happens when a major automaker tries to salvage a critically wounded model with a name change. In 2004, Ford officially gave up on its Windstar handicapRead Full Article

Road Test : 2009 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Van

If you want a big, sturdy, indestructible wheelchair van, you might as well start with a foundation that’s been described as the up-fitter’s dream. That’s the Read Full Article

Expert Review: 2008 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

The Econoline van series has been going strong since 1961. Ford has developed a reputation for producing some of the most solid and powerful full-sized wheelchair vaRead Full Article

Road Test : 2005 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

It’s back again! Ford continues to dominate the full-sized wheelchair van market with a vehicle that has remained almost unchanged for over a decade. The new E-150Read Full Article

We Road Test : 2010 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Van

The 2010 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Van Several years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to see an E-Series vehicle transformed into a personal wheelchair van. That was when FoRead Full Article

Editorial: Second-Rate 2009 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

Ford has been rolling out E-Series vans since 1961, when they still referred to the series by the Econoline name. The E-Series vans are incredibly popular and theyRead Full Article

On the Road : 2006 Ford Freestar Wheelchair Vans

The 2006 Ford Freestar wheelchair van doesn’t get a great deal of love in the auto press. It’s demeaned as an inferior option that doesn’t measure up to the coRead Full Article

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