On the Road: 2005 Ford Freestar Wheelchair Vans

The 2005 Ford Freestar Wheelchair Van The Freestar wheelchair van does offer a considerable amount of interior space and the seating is fairly easy to rearrange. AddRead Full Article

Road Test : 2009 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Van

If you want a big, sturdy, indestructible wheelchair van, you might as well start with a foundation that’s been described as the up-fitter’s dream. That’s the Read Full Article

Road Test : 2008 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Van

The 2008 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Van Most E-Series vans end up in working environments not as wheelchair vans. Many are used by medical facilities and other businesRead Full Article

On the Road : 2006 Ford Freestar Wheelchair Vans

The 2006 Ford Freestar wheelchair van doesn’t get a great deal of love in the auto press. It’s demeaned as an inferior option that doesn’t measure up to the coRead Full Article

We Road Test : 2010 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Van

The 2010 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Van Several years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to see an E-Series vehicle transformed into a personal wheelchair van. That was when FoRead Full Article

Editorial: Lackluster 2006 Ford Freestar Wheelchair Vans

This is what happens when a major automaker tries to salvage a critically wounded model with a name change. In 2004, Ford officially gave up on its Windstar handicapRead Full Article

Expert Review: Solid & Reliable 2010 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

One doesn’t want to put much stock in rumors. However, a certain rumor that was circulating about the 2010 Ford E-Series wheelchair vans tells us a great deal abouRead Full Article

Road Test : 2005 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

It’s back again! Ford continues to dominate the full-sized wheelchair van market with a vehicle that has remained almost unchanged for over a decade. The new E-150Read Full Article

Expert Review: 2006 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

The E-Series traces its root back to the 1961 model year Econoline. That makes the 2006 edition the twenty-fifth anniversary line for Ford’s popular wheelchair vanRead Full Article

Road Test : 2006 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

If you’re looking for a full-sized option for your next wheelchair van, the 2006 Ford E-Series line is definitely a vehicle worthy of your consideration. For twentRead Full Article

Safety of Ford Windstar and Freestar Wheelchair Vans

The Ford Windstar started as a legitimate contender in its class, but was reduced to being the butt of jokes by the 2002 model year. Its revival under the Freestar nRead Full Article

Expert Review: 2012 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

The 2012 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Van Over the years, many people have converted E-Series vans for use as personal wheelchair mobility vehicles. The attraction is eaRead Full Article

Editorial: Spacious Bouncy 2008 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

As a working full-sized van, the Ford E-150, E-250 or E-350 has its charms. It’s nearly indestructible and it offers a great deal of space. As an individual wheelcRead Full Article

On the Road: 2003 Ford Windstar Wheelchair Vans

Even the most diehard buy American War Veteran buyer will have a hard time waving the flag for the Ford Windstar wheelchair van. This is not a top option in the miniRead Full Article

On the Road: 2002 Ford Windstar Wheelchair Vans

The 2002 Windstar wheelchair van is a classic runner-up. It’s not as good looking as its top competitor is. It doesn’t have as many options. It doesn’t performRead Full Article

Expert Review: 2002 Ford Windstar Wheelchair Vans

The Ford Windstar handicap van covers all of the bases, but is destined to be a runner-up to the Dodge Caravan and Grand Caravan wheelchair vans. Ford has successfulRead Full Article

Editorial: Second-Rate 2009 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

Ford has been rolling out E-Series vans since 1961, when they still referred to the series by the Econoline name. The E-Series vans are incredibly popular and theyRead Full Article

Safety Considerations: Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

When people consider buying a full-sized van, they usually think in terms of cargo space, durability, towing capacity, engine strength and overall reliability. SafetRead Full Article

Expert Review: 2003 Ford Windstar Wheelchair Vans

The 2003 Windstar wheelchair van doesn’t offer many improvements or changes from last year’s edition. Ford has added a new trim level, the side mirrors have beenRead Full Article

Expert Review: 2007 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

The 2007 E-Series will undoubtedly continue Ford’s domination of the full-sized wheelchair van marketplace. Continuing its 26-year tradition, the automaker is rollRead Full Article

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