Expert Review: 2006 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

The E-Series traces its root back to the 1961 model year Econoline. That makes the 2006 edition the twenty-fifth anniversary line for Ford’s popular wheelchair vanRead Full Article

Expert Review: Solid & Reliable 2010 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

One doesn’t want to put much stock in rumors. However, a certain rumor that was circulating about the 2010 Ford E-Series wheelchair vans tells us a great deal abouRead Full Article

Expert Review: 2006 Ford Freestar Wheelchair Vans

The 2006 Freestar Wheelchair Van In terms of accessibility potential, the Ford Freestar is a decent option for those in need of a wheelchair van. It can be customizeRead Full Article

Expert Review: 2002 Ford Windstar Wheelchair Vans

The Ford Windstar handicap van covers all of the bases, but is destined to be a runner-up to the Dodge Caravan and Grand Caravan wheelchair vans. Ford has successfulRead Full Article

Expert Review: 2005 Ford Freestar Wheelchair Vans

The 2005 Freestar Wheelchair Van The Freestar can make a credible minivan. Although usually set up as a side-entry wheelchair van, it is possible to explore rear-entRead Full Article

Expert Review: 2003 Ford Windstar Wheelchair Vans

The 2003 Windstar wheelchair van doesn’t offer many improvements or changes from last year’s edition. Ford has added a new trim level, the side mirrors have beenRead Full Article

Expert Review: 2007 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

The 2007 E-Series will undoubtedly continue Ford’s domination of the full-sized wheelchair van marketplace. Continuing its 26-year tradition, the automaker is rollRead Full Article

Expert Review: 2012 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

The 2012 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Van Over the years, many people have converted E-Series vans for use as personal wheelchair mobility vehicles. The attraction is eaRead Full Article

Expert Review: 2005 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

If you buy a full-sized handicap van from the 2005 line-up, there’s a good chance it will be a Ford E-150, E-250 or E-350. Ford’s E-Series continues to dominate Read Full Article

Expert Review: 2008 Ford E-Series Wheelchair Vans

The Econoline van series has been going strong since 1961. Ford has developed a reputation for producing some of the most solid and powerful full-sized wheelchair vaRead Full Article

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