Ford Wheelchair Van Ramps : Which Ramp for Your Needs?

If you plan to use a Ford vehicle as a wheelchair van, you’ll want to carefully consider the best way for you to get in and out of the vehicle. In most cases, thatRead Full Article

Ford Wheelchair Van Buying Options & Tips

If you’re interested in driving a Ford Freestar wheelchair minivan, you have no choice but to buy a used vehicle. Ford discontinued the line a few years ago. Even Read Full Article

How Best to Pay for Ford Wheelchair Vans

You’ve found the right Ford to serve as your wheelchair van. Now, it’s time to pay. Paying for a Ford wheelchair van can be a tricky proposition for some people.Read Full Article

Tips for Selecting the Right Ford Wheelchair Van for Your Needs

Not long ago, Ford wheelchair vans were among the most popular options for disabled drivers. The Windstar and its successor, the Freestar, were strong players in theRead Full Article

Expert Advice on Buying a Ford Wheelchair Van

Making a smart purchase on a Ford wheelchair van requires one thing above all else: Knowledge. If you are interested in a Freestar or Econoline wheelchair van, youRead Full Article

Before You Buy: Checking Over Ford Wheelchair Vans

You can save several thousand dollars by purchasing a used wheelchair van. Handicap vans depreciate a great deal the moment they drive away from a dealer’s lot, crRead Full Article

Understanding Ford Wheelchair Vans Mini & Full Size

Ford is one of the most well-known and venerable auto manufacturers. From Henry Ford’s once ubiquitous Model T to the new Fusion Hybrid, Ford has been at the forefRead Full Article

The Real Cost : How Much Does a Ford Wheelchair Van Cost?

How much does a Ford wheelchair van cost? Before you answer that question based on sticker prices or the information you found online, understand that those figures Read Full Article

How Ford Wheelchair Van Ramps and Lifts Make Life Easier for the Disabled

Ford currently offers one vehicle line that can be utilized as a wheelchair van. Its E-Series vans are a full-sized option in a marketplace dominated by minivans. FoRead Full Article

The Past Matters : Ford Wheelchair Van History Checks

Purchasing a used Ford wheelchair van can be a wonderful way to obtain a great vehicle at a low price. It can also be a very risky proposition. When it comes to purcRead Full Article

Buyer Beware: Protecting Yourself Against Ford Wheelchair Van Rip-Offs

Did you just find a great deal on a used E-150? Does that Freestar on the used car lot look like the perfect choice for your next wheelchair van? Have you discoveredRead Full Article

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