The Real Cost : How Much Does a Ford Wheelchair Van Cost?


How much does a Ford wheelchair van cost? Before you answer that question based on sticker prices or the information you found online, understand that those figures don’t come close to telling us about the real cost of the vehicle.

Yes, the sticker price is important. However, it doesn’t come anywhere close to giving us a real idea of cost. Part of that is because you’re not paying sticker price unless you’re buying the vehicle with you own cash. If you’re financing the purchase, that’s the number you really need to worry about. Take the number of months for your vehicle loan and multiply that by the per month payment. That’s what you’re actually paying just to own the Ford.

Wheelchair Van Conversion Costs

However, that amount still doesn’t tell you much about the real cost of the wheelchair van. You’ll also need to think about how much you’ll be spending to have the van customized and converted to wheelchair van use. Those procedures can cost a great deal and they’re often financed. So, once again, you’ll need to determine what you’re paying overall by the time you have the loan cleared.

Between those two factors, you will begin to understand just how your Ford wheelchair van will cost. There are other factors to consider, though.

  1. How much will you spending on gasoline?
  2. What are reputable sources saying about likely maintenance and repair costs?
  3. How much will it take to properly insurance your Ford wheelchair van?
  4. How much will you spend on personal property taxes?
  5. What about title and registration fees?

Answering those questions and combining it with a true understanding of how much you’ll be paying is the only way you can really understand the total cost of a Ford wheelchair van.

Factors Influencing The Real Final Cost

Once you see how substantial that final number is, you’ll probably feel a sudden urge to do everything in your power to make it smaller. Many of the factors influencing the real cost of you vehicle are beyond your control, but you can control some of the others. Here are a few hints for reducing the overall cost of you vehicle.

Shop for the best loan rates.
Financing charges are a huge part of the final price tag.

Make a larger down payment.
You may be able to get a better interest rate by increasing your down payment. If you can find a way to save a little extra, you can take a great deal off the price tag.

Improve your credit score.
If you can hold off buying a new wheelchair van until you’ve taken action to improve your credit score, you may be able to significantly reduce the vehicles overall cost.

Shop your insurance.
Don’t assume that the agent or company you have been using is giving you the best possible rate. Shop around.

Consider a used wheelchair van.
A late model used vehicle may be comparable in style and function with a new option–while being much less expensive.

No matter how you look at it and how much you do to control your expenditures, the real cost of a wheelchair is significantly more than it sticker price. It’s a sobering realization that can inspire us to take action to reduce the overall cost.

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