Tips: How Ford Wheelchair Van Finance Really Works


You’ve found the ideal used Freestar or you have your eyes on a brand new Econoline van. Now you need to decide how you’ll pay for a Ford wheelchair van. Assuming you’re like the vast majority of vehicle buyers, you’ll finance your purchase. That means you’ll need to find a lender and secure the best possible wheelchair van loan.

Find Your Lender:

Buying a Ford wheelchair van can be an expensive proposition. Most people have no choice but to finance the purchase. Luckily, there are a variety of options available for those who need a vehicle loan. They include:

  • Ford Dealership: Ford will finance vehicle purchases. They offer competitive terms and often have special deals and incentives.
  • Home Equity: You can borrow against your home’s equity. You’ll get a low-interest loan and you’ll be able to claim part of the interest paid on the loan as a tax deduction.
  • Online Lenders: You can find highly competitive vehicle lenders via the Internet. They’ll often beat the competition in terms of rates.
  • Your Bank: Your bank can finance your Ford wheelchair van purchase. Banks tend to have competitive interest rates and many people enjoy working with those they already know.

All of those lending options have unique advantages. They all have disadvantages, as well. You don’t need to immediately jump to one option over the others. Your goal is to get the best possible deal, and that means your first priority is doing everything you can to secure financing that provides you with the lowest possible interest rate.

Secure the Best Possible Rate:

You don’t just want a lender and a loan. You want the best lender for you and the lowest interest rate possible. Here are a few things you can do to secure the best possible rate:

  • Improve Your Credit Score: If you don’t need to buy your van right away, make an effort to improve your credit score in order to get better loan offers.
  • Comparison Shop: Don’t just ask one lender what is available to you. Shop around to find the best possible option.
  • Increase Your Down Payment: If you put a larger cash down payment toward your Ford wheelchair van it won’t decrease the balance of your loan, it may also qualify you for a much lower interest rate.
  • Shorten the Term: Shorter vehicle loans require higher monthly payments, but you pay far less in the long run thanks to the lower interest rates.

Many people overpay for their vehicles because they don’t take the time to seek out the best financing option. It’s worth the effort. Even a slight change in rates can save you thousands of dollars over the course of you’re the loan!

Financing Your Conversion and Equipment:


You need to think beyond the financing of your van. You’ll also want to do everything you can to control costs and to finance the purchase of any equipment or modifications you’ll need to make.

You can obtain financing via your bank or your equipment dealer/conversion company (they often have in-house financing options). However, before you even begin to look for a loan to cover the conversion cost, look at ways to reduce the price. That includes searching out all government programs and insurance options that may provide assistance and getting a prescription for the adaptations to avoid paying sales tax. You’ll want to be a smart consumer, committed to comparison shopping and seeking out the best possible deals.

Financing your Ford wheelchair van is a matter of finding a lender and then doing everything you can to get the best possible terms on your loan.

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