Select the Right Mobility Modifications for Ford Wheelchair Vans

How can you make the right modification choices for your Windstar, Freestar or Econoline? What does it take to assemble an ideal Ford wheelchair van? The process of Read Full Article

Tips to Save Money When Converting Ford Wheelchair Vans

You have heard the horror stories and now you are nervous. You know that it may cost a great deal to convert your new Ford E-Series van or that used Windstar into thRead Full Article

Find the Best Qualified Ford Mobility Wheelchair Van Dealers

Are you ready to conduct a high-powered interview worthy of 60 Minutes in its prime? You should be. You’re about to choose the wheelchair van dealer to modify yourRead Full Article

Before You Adapt Ford Wheelchair Vans

What do you need to do before you adapt a Ford vehicle for use as a wheelchair van? Before anyone takes a wrench to your Windstar, Freestar or Econoline, you need toRead Full Article

Training on Ford Wheelchair Vans and Mobility Equipment

Whether you’ve purchased an Econoline, a Freestar or a Windstar, one thing remains unchanged: The need for training on your new Ford wheelchair van and its equipmeRead Full Article

Driving Evaluators Ensure Your Ford Wheelchair Van Is Right for You

You’ve made the decision to invest in a Ford wheelchair van. Congratulations, it’s a decision you’re going to be happy with for years to come. However, before Read Full Article

How Is a Ford Modified for Wheelchair Access

Ford currently produces one vehicle commonly used as a wheelchair van. Their E-Series is the most popular full-sized van line on the market and the vehicles perform Read Full Article

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